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Cristoforo Trapani

a surprising intersection of Tuscany and Campania

Cristoforo Trapani’s background is interlaced with the flavors and colors of his Campania homeland and of his hometown, Piano di Sorrento. It was here that he first learned to make good use of the fresh produce that his mother, Felicia, sold in her shop. From there, he developed his concept of simple cuisine that gratifies the senses.

He completed his training working along side grand masters such as Heinz Beck, Gennaro Cannavacciuolo, Moreno Cedroni and Davide Scabin on his way to becoming a chef with a special talent for exalting the rich culinary traditions of southern Italy.

At Ristorante La Magnolia, Chef Trapani now proposes a creative, yet simple intersection Tuscan and Campanian cuisine that is never pretentious. His dedication to the happiness of his guests is what drives his quest for genuine, wholesome flavors.

Butter and anchovy risotto

<h4>Ingredients for 4 people</h4> <p>280 g Carnaroli rice <br /> 1 lt of mussel and clam fumet <br /> 400 g mussels <br /> 400 g clams <br /> 1 head of garlic <br /> 1 bunch of parsley <br /> 600 grams of anchovies in oil <br /> 8 fresh anchovies <br /> 20 g of cream <br /> 1 Sorrento lemon <br /> 40 g of dehydrated green (parsley) sauce <br /> 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil to taste <br /> Salt to taste <br /> 1 glass of white wine <br /> 250 of Sweet Normandy butter</p>


Open up the mussels and clams in a pan with garlic, oil and the parsley stems. Bring the head of garlic to a high temperate then add the well-washed clams and mussels. Let everything cook for a few seconds and then steam with white wine. Cover with a lid and leave until the shells open. Filter the extracted water well. Separate the molluscs from the shells and then brown the latter once more in fresh olive oil, this time blending with some water. Keep it on a moderate heat for 15 minutes. Filter this base by adding the water obtained prior.

In 80 ml of 100% Italian extra-virgin olive oil, brown two grams of peeled and chopped garlic and 40 grams of destemmed parsley. Add 240 ml of water and mix in a blender for 4 minutes at maximum speed, adjusting the taste with 5 g of salt. Sieve the mixture.

Melt the preserved anchovies in abundant oil, adding 2 g of chopped garlic. Mix the lot in a blender, adding half a glass of liquid cream.

Break up and slice the anchovies. Prepare a square form with 2 layers of anchovies for each portion.

Toast the rice in a little oil with a pinch of salt. Once warm, soften with dash of white wine and, once evaporated, wet with the fumet, allowing it to cook for around 13 minutes. Stir the parsley cream and butter into the risotto.

Plate as fast as possible so as to ensure the temperature does not drop too much, serving the risotto over the Bagna Càuda, adding a layer of dehydrated green sauce. Position the anchovy square in the middle and finish with a grated lemon zest.