Ristorante La Magnolia
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Our proposals


Dry-aged blackspot
seabream, Amalfi lemon
and marinated fennel.


amberjack, celery
and lesser calamint.


Cuttlefish risotto with
peas and pollen.


Purple artichoke with snails,
sea lettuce and wild garlic.


Gragnano linguine, with
ragout of clams,
samphire and smoked


Eliche pasta, striped
red mullet, string
beans and peanuts.


Croaker fish, agretti
and almonds.


Massa Black lamb,
flowering courgettes, mint
and fermented garlic.


Laura Peri Muscovy duck,
carrots, capers and ginger.


Strawberries, mascarpone
chantilly and lemon balm.


Chocolate, Strega
liqueur and sour


Creamed rice,
rhubarb and